First 3D Printed Key Cap

First 3D Printed Key Cap

I love SA keycaps. The shape and feel is what I want, however i'm not ready to go out and spend $250 on a key set when I can borrow a 3D printer and make my own.

Print settings:
  • 210C
  • 0.1mm layer height
  • 10% infill.

Started the print

Came out alright, was pretty rough.

Lots of burnt PLA and the stem was all screwed up.

You can really see the burns here. Maybe 210C isn't the best temperature for a small thing like this.

Cleaned up the stem to make it fit, and it does!

Looks cool with the backlighting aswell.

In Hindsight

Next time, i'm going to rotate the key so that the stem faces the build plate. I didn't know at the time that you can rotate objects on more than one axis in the makerbot software.

Other considerations:
  • 205C instead
  • 0.2mm layer height since extruder is 0.4mm
  • VERY short acetone bath to soften the layers
  • Some sanding/polishing.